Commercial HVAC Healthcare Installation

Encompass Health

Toledo, Ohio

Project Summary

Built during early months of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Encompass Health’s Rehabilitation Hospital of Toledo utilized 56,000 square feet of Kingspan KoolDuct. The smooth aluminum interior surface of KoolDuct allowed for the hospital to have an R-6 insulated duct system free of loose fibers that could enter the airstream.

Pre-planning the Encompass project was critical and KoolDuct’s reduced space requirements played a beneficial role during the construction process. With many areas of the building presenting challenges for traditional insulated duct, KoolDuct’s pre-insulated nature provided superior thermal performance for the entirety of the duct system. The 7/8” thickness for the R-6 KoolDuct system allowed minimal space used for the duct, which opened up more room for other trades to navigate the building.

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Lightweight Low Carbon Duct
Pre-Insulated Ductwork Ohio

Market Sector

  • Healthcare Facility


  • Design/Build
  • 3D CAD & BIM Modeling
  • KoolDuct Fabrication
  • KoolDuct Installation
  • KoolDuct Space Saving Capabilities


  • KoolDuct:
  • 56,000 sq. ft.
  • Completion Date:
  • May 2020