Heating and Cooling for Multi Family Applications
Ohio and Michigan Multi Family Installation
Ohio and Michigan Multifamily Apartment HVAC


With the growing need for economic housing and developments, Commercial Comfort Systems has become the leader in multifamily construction in Toledo and the surrounding areas. With full-service teams from both Local 33 and Local 50 sheet metal and pipe workers unions, CCSI works to ensure on time, worry-free installation on projects of any size. Most developers who choose Commercial Comfort Systems continue to use us on multiple facilities throughout northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.

Providing Comfortable Environments Through:

  • Complete HVAC Installation with Local 33 and Local 50 Team Members

  • Pre-Fabrication for Optimized Installation

  • Expert Crews Lead by Veteran Field Leadership ensuring Safety Focused Installation Practices

  • Rooftop Replacement

  • Metal or Phenolic Duct Installation Solutions

Case Studies

Heating and Cooling for Apartments Toledo

Fort Industry Square

Overmyer Lofts

Overmyer Lofts

Ohio and Michigan Apartment HVAC Installation

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